Legrand French Bakery

Authentic French Bakery in Greenville South Carolina



Emmanuel Legrand is a French baker who grew up in the region of the Loire Castles. He decided to become a baker at the age of sixteen. After 16 years of experience, he entered a bakery school where he graduated as a pastry chef. Two years later Emmanuel sought another degree from the bakery school. He bought his first bakery in the Touraine region in 1995. He won great recognition there.


Emmanuel Legrand is a very enterprising person. Coming to settle in the United States is a challenge for him which he hopes to succeed at with your help!

After having conquered the Touraine region of France, Emmanuel and his family settled in the United States in South Carolina. His passion for baking will help you to discover flavors that you will not find anywhere else.

 With authentic working methods he has found the right balance between perfectly cooking crispy bread and getting all the best flavors from the grains.

The pastries are also the highlight of Legrand French Bakery. Emmanuel’s creations are sweet and very diversified, from croissant rolls to Paris Brest, as well as American Cookies.


If you want to know more Emmanuel will be happy to explain his secret recipes and methods of work in his bakery.


The whole team at Legrand Bakery thanks you and hopes that you enjoy their artistic and delicious creations.






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